Cobra 1500W Power Inverter Review

Cobra 1500W Power Inverter Review

There will be times when the electricity goes out at home and you’ll need to keep the refrigerator running. Or, maybe you want to go camping and you’d like to bring some of the comforts from home, like a hot plate or something else to keep you entertained.

A power inverter like the Cobra 1500W Professional Power Inverter may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Cobra 1500W Power Inverter

In this review, we are going to talk a little more about the features of the Cobra 1500W Professional Power Inverter, but we are also going to give you an overview of what people who have purchased the power inverter had to say about their overall experience with it.

Then, we’re going to give you our recommendation on whether or not this home power inverter is something you should consider purchasing for your home!

About The Product

The Cobra 1500W Professional Power Inverter is suitable for those who are looking for a small inverter that is capable of handling domestic purposes. This unit features a tougher build in comparison to other inverters within the same range. It is going to provide you with 1500 watts of continuous power and the peak power will be 3000 watts. Notable features of the product:

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    1500 watts continuous power - 3000 watts peak power
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    3 grounded ac outlets - powers up to three household appliances
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    2.1A USB port - charge mp3 players, smart phones, tablets and many other USB-powered devices
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    Volt/Watt meter - keep track of power usage
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    Thermal shutdown
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    Reverse polarity protection
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    Over-voltage shutdown
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    Low voltage shutdown

You’ll find that this power inverter features 3 AC outlets, so you’ll be able to plug in 2 different appliances at once. There is also a 2.1A USB port so that you can charge up your USB compatible devices. The Cobra 1500W Professional Power Inverter includes direct cables, which lets you to take power directly from the car’s battery.

In an instance where there are short circuits or low or overvoltage shutdown, the inverter features pentagon protection. This means the machine is protected against damages, thermal shut down, and it also features a low voltage alarm. There is a digital screen on the face of the inverter to keep you informed of the battery life and voltage.

What Others Say

When looking at what people had to say about the Cobra 1500W Professional Power Inverter, customers had great things to say about the device. Customers were very pleased by how quickly the unit arrived on their door step.

Cobra 1500W Power Inverter

People commented that the inverter is lightweight and it worked wonderfully. People liked that this inverter is affordably priced, but also that it was capable of providing a good amount of AC power – enough power for household appliances.

There were some people who also mentioned that they used this device for power tools at work. They went on to say that the tools worked just as well as if they were plugged into the wall of their workshop.

They also said that of all the other inverters they have tried in the past, the Cobra 1500W Professional Power Inverter was the most reliable and it never gave them any troubles while using it.

Although the majority of customers raved about the power inverter, there were some people who felt they wasted their money. Customers were disappointed because their inverter did not provide the 1500W that it promised to deliver.

One person went on to say that they purchased to use in an RV and when they tried to use any more than 600W would cause the inverter to make extremely loud noises.

Some people commented that initially, the inverter worked perfectly. However, as they continued to use the device, it would stop working. For example, one customer said they used their inverter to power a television and a computer for a few hours each day. But after 35 days of doing this, it wasn’t as reliable.

They also mentioned that the wattage reader was never accurate and it varied all the time. Another customer reported that while their inverter still works, the plastic housing started to get deep cracks or a small part of the casing was missing completely – they said the unit has never been abused nor has anything been dropped on it.

Final Thoughts

The Cobra 1500W Professional Power Inverter has been designed for anyone who needs a lot of wattage while they travel. This unit is going to provide you with 1500W of continuous power, or 3000W of peak power – enough power for you to plug in two household appliances via the 3 AC outlets. You can also use the USB port to charge your USB compatible handheld devices.

We like this particular power inverter because it features Pentagon Protection. This protection system will prevent the device and your appliances from short circuiting or overheating due to over-charging, power surges and the like. The digital screen is a nice touch as it keeps you informed about battery life and the current voltage.

Cobra 1500W Power Inverter


The body of this power inverter is made from a durable material that will allow you to use this in your car, RV, boat, or even in the house. We like that this versatile inverter can make life on the road much more enjoyable, or even if you wish to go on camping trips and have all the comforts of home right at your fingertips.

This power inverter includes direct cables that allow you to draw power directly from the battery in the vehicle. All you need to do is connect two positive cables and two negative cables onto the battery. Once this simple step has been completed, you can begin using the converted power!

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